Park Avenue Popcorn Shoppe

parkavepopcornshoppelogoPark Avenue Popcorn Shop offers many flavors of popcorn, candied popcorn, old-time candies, homemade fudge and ice cream for your snacking pleasure! Owners, Heidi and Wiley Plummer, have been selling popcorn since 2009 and have popped more than 5,000 pounds. Their love for selling gourmet flavored popcorn influenced the decision to open Park Avenue Popcorn. When you step into our popcorn shop, we want you to feel like a kid in a candy store. We make a variety of unique flavors that include peanut butter and jelly, jalapeno, sea salt caramel, and Seminole Fire. We still offer traditional favorites like cheddar popcorn and candy flavored popcorn. All of the popcorn is out for your visual inspection. All of the colors and flavors make for a delightful experience. In addition to popcorn, we sell popcorn tins, popcorn bags, chocolates, homemade fudge, novelty candies, and ice cream. We invite you in for an experience you will never forget. Visit our FB page or our web site at


108 S. Park Ave. • Sanford, FL 32771
Phone: (321) 363-4937

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