That Sharpening Guy

that-sharpening-guy_03That Sharpening Guy, more personally known as Kenny Hallam, is a business ironically born out of a passion for cooking and eating flavorful food. During decades of pursuing good eats, Kenny was constantly searching and slowly acquiring the best kitchen gadgets at a budget price. This ultimately led to a search for quality cutlery and a way to keep those tools sharp and well maintained. After spending countless hours sharpening knives for family and friends, his benevolence was transformed into a business.

These days, in addition to sharpening KITCHEN KNIVES, Kenny also has added POCKET KNIVES, TACTICAL KNIVES, GARDEN TOOLS, SCISSORS and CHISELS. While in Kenny’s care, your tools will have no more metal than necessary removed, as they are sharpened using a Swedish made, water cooled stone grinder. That Sharpening Guy is committed to providing excellent blade sharpening services and quality products, along with a bit of cutlery education. Hope to see you soon!


Phone: (407) 221-0656
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